Terms and Conditions


The Be Famous magazine owns the intellectual property rights of the articles and all the contents published in the magazine. You are not allowed to translate, merge, vary, adapt, or modify the whole or any part of the content or magazine without permission. All intellectual property rights in the magazine, information on the site, and magazine designs, such as text, images, graphics, videos, and music, are the property of Be Famous magazine. The entire content of the magazine is covered by copyright as a collective work under Sri Lanka copyright laws and international conventions, and all our rights are reserved.


The client should agree to the terms and conditions of all kinds of electronic media and interview content they permit to publish in the magazine. When you provide electronic media, such as images and videos, you agree to publish them in the Be Famous magazine and transact at your own risk. The media files can go through the editing process before publishing, and the Be Famous magazine has the right to edit and modify them to create high-end images. Plus, you should agree to store your electronic media and interviews on Be Famous magazine database and permit them for future use.

The client’s electronic media publish online and hard copies of the magazine can be downloaded from a third party. The magazine does not take responsibility for third-party’s activities and interactions.

Please make sure that the details you provide to us are correct. All responsibility for the statements should have to taken by you. Plus, you must know and agree that we cannot change, remove or unpublish the interviews, images, video, or any kind of information from the magazine after it is published.


Be Famous magazine agrees to all laws and regulations of the country, and all clients’ information will be treated as confidential. Be Famous magazine strictly pays attention to client privacy and does not sell your interviews, photographs, video, or any other electronic media to a third party. Please do not accept our invitations if you do not prefer to publish your interviews, articles,
photographs, and other news according to Be Famous magazine’s terms and conditions.


By accepting the magazine’s offer to advertise or place a paid advertisement, the client, firm, or organization will be liable to provide relevant copy materials that may include logos, graphics,
and text to publish. We reserve the right to produce your advertorial if the materials are not received within the deadlines. The client will receive the relevant advertisement through email,
and they should confirm that no changes or amendments are required to the advertorial. We publish the advertisement after the confirmation. Suppose the client fails to do the verification. In that case, Be Famous does not take responsibility for the publication of the advertisement on the promised date and will consider a canceled order. The payments you made for the advertisement,
event announcement, article, or any other publication are not subject to refund, and you should agree, aware of it when you are paying the payment.

We are not responsible for any actions or inactions of your clients and audience. The Be Famous magazine is not a mediator or resolver to solve any disagreements and disputes between you and your clients. We are not liable for any personal or business losses or loss of earnings, including loss of profit and revenue, savings, contracts, reputation, wasted expenditure, or any other consequential or indirect losses.


The Be Famous magazine communicates with you via emails, SMS, phone call, or any other communication method. Hence, you must submit your valid phone number while working with us.


  1. No variant to this agreement will be legal unless signed by an authorized representative of the parties in writing.
  2. This agreement should operate to the exclusion of any other agreement or understanding between the parties.
  3. The laws of Sri Lanka govern this agreement, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Sri Lan courts.
  4. Be Famous magazine is not responsible for any delays or failures arising from any matter beyond our reasonable control. There is no impact on your statutory rights from this condition.
  5. Be Famous magazine has the right to modify, change, add, or remove any terms and conditions without prior notification and update it with effective changes. Hence, please be kind enough to check our terms and conditions before you work with us.